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Recently bought a great product and want to share your experience with the world? Or perhaps you're unsatisfied with a product or service and want to warn other customers about it?

Buyer’s Compass New Zealand offers independent test reports from our editors, and daily reports from product users. We focus on the areas of online dating, match making, and language learning apps, and are actively working on reviews from the areas of luxury vacations, sports betting, gambling, finance, trading and antivirus software.

We test products conscientiously and take into consideration the perspectives of different users at all times. Our philosophy holds that there is no single product that can cater for every customer need. Different products may be required for different users. For instance, a VW Passat is far more suitable for a young family than a Porsche 911. From the perspective of a sporty driver however, things look very different.

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Buyer’s Compass knows that time is a valuable commodity. Therefore, we prepare all content according to the 10-10 rule.

After 10 seconds you will know which provider is our test winner and how they compare to other providers.

Should you wish to know more, you will know everything about a topic after 10 minutes. We provide not only details on respective providers, but also professional advice and food for thought for better use of the products and services in our detailed reports. We answer every question we come across. And if it helps you form your own opinion before you buy, you can access a variety of real user reports. These are naturally very subjective but often show certain aspects from a different perspective.

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Which online providers are reputable and where do users have to be careful? We pursue this question on the Buyer’s Compass in a variety of categories and have taken a closer look at the most popular providers.

We show you the alternatives and are by your side with help and advice.

With regards to dating, for example, we address a wide variety of questions. Which dating site is really completely free for women and men? Are free dating apps better than the ones that charge? Are there discounts for certain age groups or special promotions? Are there trial memberships or coupons to save money? Which app offers the quickest way to establish trustworthy contacts? Which providers are trustworthy?

Just like when comparing insurance and mobile phone tariffs, it makes sense to compare dating sites and many other apps and services in other categories.

The variety of apps and associated services offered on the German market is considerable. Not all services deliver what they promise and the contrasts in quality are enormous. It is always worth comparing your options.

Product Tests
We test everything ourselves so as to get a direct understanding of the products. In the editorial department we employ various experts who, in addition to product tests, also write advice articles.

User Survey
It is important to us to consider the experiences of real users in our test reports. We evaluate the result according to age, gender, device used or region. This increases the value of the reports.

Anyone who spends a lot of time with a particular topic is inevitably well-versed in it. Therefore, we also provide you with many advice articles on our site free of charge. You too can benefit from them!

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