Sex via app without the long back and forth? This is how C-date really works. Experiences with the C-Date app


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C-date is without doubt one of the most popular sex dating apps in New Zealand! The website and associated app were designed for men and women who are looking for no-strings sexual experiences and affairs.
popular sex dating site/app
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How does C-date work exactly?

Simply create your personal profile online, tick your erotic preferences and you are ready to go. If it's going well, you can soon arrange to meet up for a hot experience.

And can you really be so forward here?

We took a closer look to check this out for you. Let's see whether C-date works as well as advertised.

So let's get started right away and not waste any time.

C-date in comparison

Test winner: Most NZ-women looking for sex

Discover the naughty world of fun from BeNaughty. This is where adults from New Zealand can find and arrange real sex dates and hookups.

Easy to use and get chatting

You won't get bored here. Lots of sociable members bring fun and more.

popular sex dating site/app

C-date is without doubt one of the most popular sex dating apps in New Zealand! The website and associated app were designed for men and women who are looking for no-strings sexual experiences and affairs.

One of the Internet’s Oldest Hookup Spots

AdultFriendFinder is an online community of individuals who chat online, perform in and watch cam shows, and occasionally meet up for sexual activity. If you are looking for a hook-up, or to make some likeminded new friends, this may be the platform for you.

C-date Pros

  • Membership completely free for women

  • Decide who you share your profile picture with

C-date Cons

  • Membership must be cancelled by fax

  • Only the premium membership option allows men unrestricted use

  • No option to enter a profile bio

  • Preview of your own profile is a bit confusing

C-date NZ: Just a few clicks away from hooking up?

Anyone who registers with C-date really only wants to know one thing: how long do I have to wait before I get to play?

Naturally, there's always a few other important questions regarding discretion and anonymity on the C-Date side. We will go a little deeper into these later, but first, let’s tackle the question of all questions:

Can you really organise no-strings dates here at the push of a button?

In short, it is possible….


As you'd expect, there's always a “but”

User experiences show that you most certainly can have a lot of success with C-date. You can really let loose here.

But is it really as simple as a few clicks?

Well, yes and no: With C-date, women can arrange to have sex with men at the push of a button. Men, on the other hand, have to work harder to beat the competition.

Still, men shouldn't worry either!

Really, this is not rocket science. Bear in mind what the purpose of the C-date app is: Everyone who is registered here, both women and men, are after sex.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better starting point than this.

That being said, one thing should be crystal clear to men- they will not get their foot in the door with a lady with tiresome and clumsy approaches. Inept chat up lines such as "Hey baby, wanna meet tomorrow to fuck?" will hardly score them any points. As with any relationship, you should first build a little trust. We'll explain in more detail in a moment how best to do this.

Before we continue with our step-by-step C-date guide, here are a few facts about this casual dating app:

  • C-date has been on the market since 2008. The app is one of the leading casual dating providers worldwide
  • The platform has already been advertised in various women's magazines and on television and at this point, both men and women are definitely familiar with the provider
  • Every day, more than 25,000 new members are expected to register with C-Date- a huge number. Phrased a little differently, the number of people on the search for casual sex is increasing by at least 25,000 every day
  • There are also some members who are already in relationships, but are looking for some additional no-strings encounters and affairs. But the majority of members are single.

Our recommendation: BeNaughty
Test winner: Most NZ-women looking for sex

Discover the naughty world of fun from BeNaughty. This is where adults from New Zealand can find and arrange real sex dates and hookups.

Get started directly with C-Date after registering

The following scenario will certainly look familiar to you:

You're looking for dates and decide to register on a dating site. But no sooner have you got off the mark and you meet the first hurdle, because….

... your first task is to create a profile text, which soon turns into an issue. You probably feel the same way as many others: you have absolutely no idea what to write.... perhaps you could write that you are “looking for a partner for moments together”?

But that's basically about it, because you want to wait and see what happens, get a conversation going and then give more details further down the line.

If this sounds familiar to you, you'll surely be thrilled with C-Date. With C-Date, no profile text is required, so you can breathe a collective sigh of relief here.

But, really?

Yes, you really don't have to bother writing a profile text!

OK so what do you have to do instead?

In addition to your age and height, the required information at C-Date also includes marital status, place of residence, eye and hair colour, hair length, education / occupation, drinking habits, smoker / non-smoker, sexual orientation and your star sign.

Oh, and don’t forget......

Then select three more attributes to describe your character a little. In addition, you should also communicate what exactly you are looking for on C-Date. The whole spectrum is available to you: From a steady relationship to an affair to a one-night stand.

Finally, there is the information about your sexual preferences. For this purpose, you have 84 sensual pictures to choose from, so that you can highlight your erotic type a little more clearly. So your profile could look a little like this, for example:

Those that log in daily can answer the question of the day, which could very well increase your chances further. This function has another advantage, because it allows you to see how active a user is in the community.

Is this all you need to consider?

Yes, at least regarding the information in your profile.

But is this enough to get you across the line?

In a moment we will delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of no-strings dating with C-date. You will also learn how you can increase your chances of success on the app, regardless of whether you are a male or a female.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a permanent relationship and one-night stands just don’t do it for you, C-Date is certainly not recommended. This is all about fast-paced adventures.

Of course, casual encounters sometimes do develop into relationships. However, it’s best to leave such expectations at the door when embarking on a C-Date adventure- chances are, your new acquaintance will simply be looking for some fun.

Also worth bearing in mind:

C-Date doesn't give you a lot of freedom when it comes to your profile. Only the most important information is given, beyond that you have no way of presenting your personality. The app developers are likely aiming for members to strike up conversations in order to exchange more personal information. This approach will certainly divide opinions. While some enjoy the ease of use that comes from providing only the bare essentials, others find that they cannot express themselves individually enough here.

In the end: Just try it out for yourself and form your own opinion.

Free Sex with C-date

Is it actually possible to use C-Date free of charge?

This is at least how it works for women-  membership is entirely free and as soon as they have registered, women benefit fully from the premium membership. This is probably the reason why the male-female ratio on C-date is so good.

However, if men want to get to know women, they must opt for the paid membership. While this may seem a little unfair, the app is designed this way to prevent too many men from registering. In this way, a relatively balanced ratio between the sexes can be maintained.

What does all of this mean specifically for you as a user?

When a man signs up for the premium membership, it can be assumed that he is actually interested in dating. This is a great advantage for men, because it makes them stand out from the crowd and leaves 90% of the competitors in the dust. Women are then left with those who are actually interested in meeting up, making success far more likely.

This is what a Premium-Membership with C-Date costs men:

Premium Start: 79,90 NZD monthly
Duration: 3 Months
Total Cost:  239,70 NZD

Premium Classic: 59,90 NZD monthly
Duration: 6 Months
Total cost: 359,40 NZD

Premium Relax: 39,90 NZD monthly
Duration: 12 Months
Total cost: 478,80 NZD

Termination policy: Members can find details on the notice period in the terms and conditions section. But in essence, the C-Date subscription must be cancelled in writing 14 days before it expires. Attention: Unfortunately it is currently not possible to cancel the subscription online.

Sex dates are also possible via the C-Date app

You can use C-Date on your PC / laptop as well as on your smartphone. All you have to do is download the app. We can assure you right away that using the app is just as easy as using the website. If you have a premium subscription, you can benefit equally from the functions on the Internet and in the app.

As for the usability of the app, we're not that happy.

But do not worry!

After taking a closer look at the criticism from several members and testers, we can tell you exactly which points you should focus your attention on.

Tips for using C-Date

Immediately after registering on the sex dating site you will be taken to the members section. If you have frequented similar dating platforms before, you are guaranteed to look for a filter function first. However, with C-Date there is apparently no filter function!

A filter function would be extremely useful and helpful here, especially with regard to location and age.

Does C-Date really not have a filter function?

If you analyze user ratings, you will quickly find that the lack of a filter is a major point of criticism. But is there really none? Well yes there is one, but it certainly is well hidden.

The filter criteria in the app are hidden here:

Firstly, click on "my profile" in the menu and then scroll to the end where it says "search criteria".

... and the filter function can also be found in the C-Date web portal:

Searching is much easier here. If you click on your profile picture, you can find the item "Search criteria" in the menu.

Search criteria and setting options for C-Date

The search criteria corresponds exactly to the information you provided in your profile. This includes, for example, your place of residence, your age and of course your sexual preferences. You have the option of changing these criteria at any time and then saving them.


If you then click on "Contacts" again, you will immediately see what has changed. Now you will only see the members who actually match your search criteria.

Too bad: No view of all members

Sure, it would be nice if you could see the member pool at C-Date, but unfortunately that's not how it works. Only certain members are shown to you, and it is not known how the system chooses them.

You can then find the proposed members under "Contacts".


Unfortunately, it remains a mystery as to why suggestions are listed under contacts. After all, you would expect to see here only the members with whom you had interacted with. We can't tell you why C-Date works this way, but they may work on an improvement at some point.

How to find members on C-Date

Whether on the app or on the web portal, the search for members always follows the same principle:

  • Look for suggestions that appear under the "Contacts" tab
  • Alternatively, you can also click "Hot or not?" (Thumb symbol in the app)
  • See which members have visited your profile
  • Reply to messages from other users

Using the „Hot or Not“ function

With this function you will be shown pictures of randomly selected users and you can decide whether or not to give them a like. This is similar to other swipe-apps such as Tinder, but no profile text is displayed on C-date. For this reason, we cannot assess whether the displayed members are selected based on your preferred search criteria.

Frequent criticism of C-Date from other users

Our assessments are not just based on our own experiences, but also take into account the opinions of other users into our rating system. We noticed that most C-date users complain about the cumbersome termination process. Furthermore, some C-Date users have also written about mediocre experiences with other C-Date users.

Men and women have different points of criticism

From the male perspective, the main issue is that many women don’t even write back when they receive a message. And by the way, if you do not share your photo, the chances of a reply will decrease considerably.

For Women, this works the other way round, because of course, they receive a few hundred messages within a matter of days. That this quickly leads to stress for women is understandable. In addition, there is the lack of profile information, which makes choosing who to chat with even more difficult. Women largely agree that a short profile text leaves a good first impression and gives them the chance to spot red flags quickly.

Our 100% personal experience with C-Date

The lady who agreed to try the app out also received countless messages in the first few days after registering. As to be expected, she soon found that she could not answer every man who sent a message. Dating is meant to be fun, but the high-volume of messages she received made this difficult.

Our conclusion on C-Date

At this point, you’d be asking yourself whether, in view of such criticisms, you should even consider becoming a member on C-Date?

We recommend it all the same. That being said, we also recommend that you consider in advance exactly what is most important with casual dating. Under no circumstances should you assume that you will meet your dream woman or man on the same day after registering. That would be misguided, no matter which dating portal you are on.

What can I expect?

In principle it is quite simple. Even when you get to know each other online, it's no different than out in the real world. That's why you always have to be respectful and polite online and try to stand out from the crowd.

So what are the advantages of dating platforms?

Simply put:

On the Internet you have the opportunity to chat with far more people in a short space of time compared with your average Friday or Saturday night.

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at BeNaughty. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

Is C-date safe?

In this section we look at the relevant aspects when it comes to assessing how secure the C-date platform really is.

Photo-Check on C-date

The C-date platform relies on anonymity and discretion, but your images will be checked when they are uploaded. Here, C-date checks whether the images conform with their regulations. For instance, C-date does not tolerate nudity. Does this make sense on a sex dating platform? This is certainly debatable.

Is the check actually reliable?

Based on our experience, we can confirm that the C-Date image check works reliably. Even pictures in which no face could be recognized were rejected- another C-date rule.

Scamming: What exactly is “Scamming”?

The dictionary definition equates the word with "cheating". Scammers are a pervasive and unfortunate hallmark of dating platforms. You know the story- you start enthusiastic and hopeful, but, as your potential date repeatedly dodges the prospect of meeting, you begin losing heart. Suddenly their mother falls ill, they have to go abroad at short notice, or they cannot afford a train ticket. Sometimes other users are actually persuaded to transfer money, which needless to say, they usually never see again.

For this reason, you should always be on guard. Proceed with caution and C-Date should be safe to use.

There were no fake profiles in our C-date test

Every C-Date user has the option of displaying pixelated versions of their profile pictures with all profile information omitted. This of course makes it far more difficult to spot a fake profile. At least, we couldn't find any during our test.

On the other hand, we learned from a few male C-date users that there are indeed a few female members with implausibly attractive profile photos. When you write to them, they offer sexual services, which of course are not free. As with all dating sites, this is not permitted on C-Date. It is therefore extremely important that you report such profiles to C-date customer service immediately if you stumble across them.

Reporting Fake-Profiles

You can report a fake profile directly in the C-Date app as well as on the website by clicking the "Report profile" link. In view of the fact that we could not find any fake profiles in our tests, we can’t really comment on the response time of C-Date Support here.

Dealing with intrusive members

Both in the browser version and in the C-Date app, you can simply block intrusive users and delete the chat. If you only delete the chat, the member can write to you again at any time. If you don't want any more contact at all, rest assured that such users will not be getting past the block function.

Our test showed that some members can be intrusive and often become more forceful after being deleted. For this reason, blocking is the safer option if you are really annoyed with or harassed by a user.

Conclusion: Judging by our tests, the C-date platform is pretty safe when it comes to fakes. But, even if C-date's customer service does a good job, you can never completely rule out such behaviour. Since membership is free for women, you have to expect that some profiles will be fake, it’s simply too easy for commercial advertisers to try their luck.

The ranking in comparison

Weekly free sex? Tips for more success with C-Date

C-date NZ advertises guaranteed quick no-strings encounters, but it doesn't always seem that easy. See also the review above. Most men want quick sex while a lot of women require a bit more time to make a decision. How can this be overcome?

Is the problem with women?

Men and women often choose partners in different ways. As a guy, if you see a profile picture of a pretty lady, you will most likely contact them immediately. Similarly, if she is somewhat “hot” on the first date, you’ll be looking to take it further. Lengthy conversations and get-to-know dates are on occasion completely superfluous from the male perspective.

In contrast, the oh-so-“complicated” world of women. This behaviour is often already in full-flow when chatting, where women simply ask too many personal questions.

Of course, most men will answer these questions as best they can. After all, you don’t want to blow your chances of a real meeting. Sometimes, you may even be tempted to embellish your story just a little.

But be careful…

Don’t do it. You should always present yourself as you actually are.

But what do NZ women really want?

In order to understand women a little better, perhaps these two studies can help:

They came to the conclusion that women are just as interested in one-night stands as men.

On the other hand, women are less inclined to abandon all other considerations. They are more likely to have doubts and concerns and are not so quick to embark on an adventure with a stranger.

For a better understanding, consider things from the female perspective.

The following thoughts can plague women prior to a sexual adventure:

  • “Oh no, a one-night stand is boring, because the it always ends the same way. The guy is satisfied after just a few minutes. The wishes and needs of women are usually not taken into account at all. I've had too many of these experiences, why would I add to the list? "
  • "The man may have a contagious disease and I could catch something."
  • “A date for sex is really only for hookers. What would a man think of me, especially when he saw how many condoms I have? The neighbours would certainly consider me a slut if other men were visiting me all the time. "
  • “Taking the pill is out of the question for me because of the hormones. On the other hand, I could accidentally get pregnant if something went wrong with the condom. "
  • "Even with no-strings sex, feelings can develop. I don't want to fall in love and then get hurt later."
  • “My body is not flawless. What if he doesn't find me attractive once he sees me naked? "

Trust is the only thing that can remove these fears and concerns. And trust doesn’t develop just because you exchanged a few photos. Trust can only be built through conversation, and it can take different lengths of time for different people.

Tips for men to be successful in sex dating

There are many women who have never had a one night stand in their life and this is their first experience. How you deal with this is important, for instance discussing contraception with a degree of tact.

On the date, don’t rush in and scare her- give her time to get into the moment. You could ask for a kiss. A romantic kiss could break the ice and significantly increase your chances.

Sometimes it isn’t all about sex on the first date. Do not be discouraged- wait patiently.

Tips for women to be successful in sex dating

If you have fears, don't just push them aside, but deal with them calmly. Especially when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, these concerns are absolutely legitimate because people do contract them.

It is reasonable to request using a condom for the first time. If a relationship develops, you can also request an STI test to give you more peace of mind. Of course, this works both ways and you will both benefit from having a clean bill of health.

As a woman, you have just as much of a right to let off steam sexually as men do. Therefore, you shouldn't feel guilty or ashamed about having many sexual partners.

Sadly, it is quite possible that you will hear the usual prejudices from friends and acquaintances, should your sex life be a bit more eventful than the average. If you are asked about this, just make it clear that you want to test the waters before you tie yourself down.

Concrete Dating tips for C-date

Member profiles offer little information about the respective individuals. Unfortunately, this has the disadvantage that all profiles appear similar. This presents you with the great challenge of standing out from the crowd.

But what can you do?

Without the benefit of being able to write about yourself on your profile, it all comes down to the photo. This is especially the case for male users.

5 Criteria that your profile picture should meet in order to have better chances with the C-Date women

Maybe you have been on dating sites for a while, but have only had moderate success with the ladies? We can assure you that in most cases it is because your pictures are not on point.


... when comparing the pictures of male and female users, it quickly became apparent that women put in much more effort here.

We have some unfortunate examples from the men:

  • Posing with your friends while drinking beers does not paint you in a romantic or flattering light.
  • A photo in which you rebelliously hold up your middle finger is also not very enticing
  • It's also unsexy when you stare at your phone display instead of the camera while taking a selfie

Do you want women to find your photos just that little bit more compelling? Then try the following:

Use the timer on your smartphone

Of course, the best pictures are taken by photographers, but hardly anyone hires a professional for their C-date profile. Nonetheless, the problem with selfies is that they often distort the proportions.

So what options do you have?

You will definitely have a timer on your smartphone camera so that you can start a countdown before recording. This allows you the to place your smartphone somewhere in your apartment at eye level and to step back at the right distance.

One thing is clear.....

You'll need to take a few shots before anything worthwhile comes from your efforts. And don’t shy away from a one or two hour stint either- this is the best way to improve your profile and increase your chances of landing a date.

Eroticism should be subtle, but still on view

After all, C-Date is a platform that is all about sex. That's why you should turn the volume up in at least one photo.

It's best to put on a nice shirt and leave the top three buttons open. Sure, the focus should be on your face, but you can also show something of your chest. This goes down extremely well with many women. It's up to you whether you prefer to look cool in sunglasses or whether you simply smile nicely into the camera.

Choose the background wisely

Often times, photos are taken without any consideration of the background. But this can make all the difference. Experience shows that a nice apartment is very important to women. It is also a great way to show what type of person you are.

For example, you could place a few hobbies and books on a table or shelf. How about some massage oil or handcuffs? Let your imagination run free and get creative.

Pornography is off-limits

Even if you are going for a hint of eroticism in pictures, it should never be pornographic. Discreet eroticism combined with a casual and relaxed approach goes a long way with most women. Pornographic images on the other hand are rather off-putting, leave little to the imagination and show a general lack of respect.

Couch potatoes don't go down well

Of course, there's nothing wrong with not being a party animal and preferring to spend your time at home. How often you party has nothing to do with one-night stands or affairs. This is one of the perks of no-strings arrangements, the rest of the time you can be who you want.

However, try not to come across like a couch potato. Boring is not attractive, and for that matter neither is grumpiness, drunkenness, negativity or a general look of disinterest. Instead, look romantic, sweet, attentive, cool or funny.

Write to women with success at C-date

A surplus of women at C-Date does not mean that women now dare to take the first step. This may upset a few men, but it is what it is.

So what should you do?

Both our experiences and those of our users show that women receive countless messages. For this reason, you shouldn't assume that you will get an answer right away, especially not after the first message.

Our tip: In the first message you should address the lady by her profile name. Tell her briefly that you seem to share your erotic preferences and that you are unlocking your pictures.

Will you get a response?

Then you can let them know the next day that you have time on a certain day and would like to invite them over for a coffee or a glass of wine. If she still doesn't respond, use the last and third messages to let her know that you don't want to bother her any longer and wish her continued success in her search.

Basically, the previous points of criticism from the ladies bear repeating one more time. Women receive a large number of messages every day, which can quickly turn into a stress that they did not sign up for. For this reason, have patience and do not throw in the towel if you are initially met with rejection.

You should also make sure that your messages are written in proper English. Surveys have found that most women care about spelling when dating. Those who make major mistakes are quickly labelled as disrespectful and uneducated.

With that said, we only have one thing left to say, which is to wish you a lot of fun with C-Date.

Our recommendations

Test winner: Most NZ-women looking for sex

  • A high number of female users, which significantly increases your chances
  • A very active dating community
  • Serious provider
  • Members interested in real dates - not chatting only
Easy to use and get chatting

  • Members appear legitimately interested in hooking up
  • Good functions and ease of use
popular sex dating site/app

  • Membership completely free for women
  • Decide who you share your profile picture with
One of the Internet’s Oldest Hookup Spots

  • Wide selection of cam models to view and enjoy
  • Easy-to-use message system

FAQ - C-date

User ratings and user feedback

Average User Rating
Average: 7.6 (5 votes)


12/16/2020 - 02:47

I am now registered for the third time. I deactivate my profile that has not been used in the meantime. I am one of those women who are really looking for real dates (WITHOUT marriage). I know my market value. I will only activate my photos if I have been written to "properly". My mailbox overflows every day. That's why I opted for a profile with blurry pictures, otherwise the flood would probably not be manageable, I think.

User rating
Average: 10 (1 vote)
12/18/2020 - 03:18

Hi guys, I really like C-date a lot. It's simply a great platform. No pressure when dating someone. It can become an affair or something longterm. But all without any pressure. Guys, that's the best for of dating ever.

User rating
Average: 10 (1 vote)
12/19/2020 - 01:44

C-date rules! I live in Auckland and it is great.

User rating
Average: 10 (1 vote)
03/12/2021 - 03:12

Do not register! I have used c-date for half a year, I think many women are fake because they don't answer. I met 1 in that time and then wanted to leave because I don't need the platform anymore. My membership has automatically renewed. I thought that after half a year it would automatically end. They just want your money.

User rating
Average: 2 (1 vote)
03/13/2021 - 05:39

The site is ok. What I don't like is that I have to pay for it. In principle, I can use Tinder for free. The advantage of cdate over Tinder is that all the people here are only looking for casual dates. On Tinder I have to try harder to find a woman who just wants to have fun. You just have to weigh it up, if you want to hookup quickly, then cdate is ok. If you can invest a bit of time, then you'll get enough dates with Tinder.

User rating
Average: 7 (1 vote)
03/20/2021 - 03:03

anyone who has already tried cdate knows how difficult it is to really find someone there. i have been registered for 3 days and hardly get any replies to my messages. how can that be? I try very hard but sometimes nothing comes back. are women really real then? and those who are recommended to me don't answer either. so far really a bad experience with cdate. I now really believe that it is just a rip off. people, mostly men, try to pull the money out of their pockets by advertising with women who seem to be in the mood for a sex meeting. mmmhh ... I would be very skeptical and would check better alternatives!

User rating
Average: 1 (1 vote)