Arrange spontaneous casual sex in New Zealand - you will be satisfied with these apps

Straight to bed directly after the first date? Most NZ men dream of this.

However in reality, not many can pull this feat off…

You need on-form seduction skills to get to know a woman in a club or a bar and to entice them to your bed.

Is this easier using an app?

Absolutely! Casual sex apps work for men and women. And this is why ever more people are making the switch to app-based dating.

Want to know how it's done and organise your first encounter using the app within the next few days? Then we have the right apps and tips for you here.

In this article we will show you step by step where, how and what you have to do to make to arrange no-strings dates in New Zealand. We will take a look at all the important questions that need to be clarified here.

Ready? OK, let‘s go.

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You won't get bored here. Lots of sociable members bring fun and more.

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C-date is without doubt one of the most popular sex dating apps in New Zealand! The website and associated app were designed for men and women who are looking for no-strings sexual experiences and affairs.

One of the Internet’s Oldest Hookup Spots

AdultFriendFinder is an online community of individuals who chat online, perform in and watch cam shows, and occasionally meet up for sexual activity. If you are looking for a hook-up, or to make some likeminded new friends, this may be the platform for you.

Discreet hook-up apps: Why are NZ women so into casual sex apps right now?

Increasingly more people are using apps to socialise. Whether you are after a partner for life or merely looking for a hook-up is not important, because: All major app providers are reporting steadily increasing membership numbers.

In this article we are not concerned with happiness in life, but about fun in bed. Affair or one-night stand via app? - We'll tell you all the important tips & tricks to get to reach your goal as quickly as you can.

Increasing numbers of NZ women are using so-called casual sex apps. But why? Because women are just as interested in uncomplicated sex as men. And because of course women also like the discretion and anonymity that comes with such apps.

But …

What motivates women to look for no-strings online?

The answer is simple and no different than with men.

  • They've had a few long-term relationships that didn't go anywhere, and now they are looking for uncomplicated fun.
  • Until now their sex life has been rather monotonous and now they want to explore uncharted territory sexually.
  • They are looking for an anonymous fling.

Other than this, what else makes casual sex apps enticing?

The fact that women more or less have access to most casual sex apps for free, including all the premium functions- but more on that later.

Another plus for you: casual daters usually are not driven by money. They – just like you – want to have fun.

Jasmin: “My marriage fell apart 6 months ago. Jump right into the next relationship? - Doesn't have to be a proper one. I'm much more into adventure, fun and freedom. But discos and bars have never been my thing. First of all, as a woman, you're always there just for show, and secondly, I can't find anyone who will go out with me. That's how I came up with the idea of giving dating apps a whirl. They are great, because here I can choose who I want to talk to and who I don't. I like that."

Moving on...

Simply download the app and arrange a no-strings date right away... You’re probably thinking that there is a catch somewhere?

The catch is that most women won't just jump in bed right away with any man who passes by (Just like you wouldn't chase after every woman that you saw) That's why women usually don't like it if you push for sex too early, will probably ghost you.

Of course, women don't ask for money in return for sex on these apps, because they are just as interested in fun as you are. In fact, most casual sex app operators are forbidden from offering sex services on the apps.

Meeting for sex despite a surplus of men?

A common prejudice is that there are considerably more men than women on Hook-up apps actively looking for sex.

But is it true?

Don’t worry!

Take a look at the members in the premium area of good and reputable (!) NZ sex apps, and you'll soon notice a more balanced male to female relationship. Again, it's not just men who want spontaneous and fun sex.

Nonetheless, many women need some time to appreciate that having sex is not a bad thing and that they do not have to be ashamed of it.

Since casual sex apps and their premium functions are almost always free to use for women, they have nothing to lose when they register. You can dip your toe in and acclimatise while you lose your inhibitions.

Men, of course, can register free of charge, but in return they receive only basic access. This means that, while profiles can be viewed with the basic function on many platforms, they are unable to message without the premium membership.

And the premium functions are important if you want to see results.

Nevertheless …

Many men do not want to pay the premium. 1 NZD a day is too much for them. They'd prefer simply to accept that they cannot send the first message, or that certain search functions are off-limits.

By using the premium function, you are already leaving many competitors behind you.

Give the free apps a go and see differences to the paid versions. You will notice the difference.

Of course, there are loads of men out there looking for dates just like you. The more attractive a woman is, the more messages she will get. But quantity is not always quality. With an original message, you usually have a good chance of receiving a response.

And if it doesn't work out straight away, remember: Not every woman has good photos. An attractive and funny woman can be hidden behind an ordinary looking profile. So don't just write to the supermodel types- contact other types of women. Think more "girl next door". It is worth it!

Our recommendation: BeNaughty
Test winner: Most NZ-women looking for sex

Discover the naughty world of fun from BeNaughty. This is where adults from New Zealand can find and arrange real sex dates and hookups.

Professional tip: The key to fast sex is your profile

Register and have a no-strings date within the next 3 days? - can it be so quick and easy?

But hang on a second. Have we forgotten something? Oh yes- your dating profile.

Your profile works like a business card on dating apps. Based on your profile, women will decide whether a chat and possibly a meeting with you is worthwhile. Women also want to be entertained by the profiles.

What makes up a good profile?

The most important element would be your profile photo. Let‘s be honest- what do you pay the most amount of attention to when you look at a woman‘s profile? The photo, right? And it’s no different with women. Sexy photos attract people!

But no worries, you don‘t need to look like a model. Here, we are talking about a clean and authentic look that arouses some interest in the viewer. Make sure you show multiple facets of your personality, for instance, take photos in different situations, doing different activities and taking part in a range of hobbies. The woman just wants a holistic view as possible as to who you really are.

And it continues on with the profile text. You should include all the most important information here:

Is it that you are looking for an affair and it is therefore not possible to meet at your house? Are you into BDSM? Are you visiting the city for work and looking for a one-night stand?

You‘ve probably noticed by now …

Adding such important details in your profile avoids wasting time talking to boring people who probably don‘t want what you want.

Putting the time in early on with your profile ultimately saves you time in the long run. And what‘s more, just from doing this alone, you are likely to stick out from the crowd as most men do not put the effort in here.

Your profile ought to detail your sexual preferences, or at least any no-go’s.

And the profile text?

It should be laid back relaxed but with a bit of feeling in there. Simply listing as if you were going shopping comes across as bland and boring. Nevertheless, a mistake that many people make. Examples?

Here‘s some boring for you:

„I like cuddling and wild sex. Also, I play sports“

And clearly better:

„Hey thanks for dropping in, Now you know what I am into and what I‘m not. How about meeting for a coffee and a cocktail? Who knows, perhaps it will lead somewhere“

A slightly more dominant tone could also work:

„I know what I want and that‘s flirting and fun. No wallflowers please.“

We recommend a bit of humour also:

„I once heard that when a woman is wearing matching underwear and a bra, I was not the one that decided we were having sex.“

Our summary: Sex within three days is definitely possible in New Zealand if you spend some time on the profile photo and text.

Above all, don't forget that dating is all about one thing: having fun.

The ranking in comparison

The perfect first message that is guaranteed to lead to casual sex.

What applies for your profile goes for the first message that you write: Be as authentic as possible and absolutely do not be boring. Because women decide based off of your first chat whether they want to meet you or not.

True story:

Lena: “The flood of messages that you receive as a woman can be quite exhausting. If you think I am obligated to answer, you are wrong. And besides, a lot of men just send the same message over and over to different women. I don't have to reward such annoying mass emails with a reply. They will be deleted immediately without comment. But if you write nicely and have a good photo... I'm looking forward to that and will be happy to answer. Even when I decide to cancel because of too great an age difference. "

Okay, so sending heaps of thoughtless messages will seldom lead to sex.

What else is doomed to fail?

When you are too direct too early in a chat.

„What do you think about a massage. Your butt is amazing.“

Such messages are likely going to attract women selling sex for money. But here of course, this is not what we are looking for.

Why doesn‘t this type of pick-up line work?

Because women generally need to feel that they can let their guard down before they can start feeling any sort of pleasure. Whether this is possible with you, of course, comes down to the date itself. So you need to be focusing on that date in your messages. It all happens on the date- this is your goal.

Here are a few better examples:

Quick and easy:

„I really like your profile. Fancy a coffee or a cocktail by any chance?“

Reveal something about yourself with a joke:

“In my job I learned how to build houses that won't collapse. In my last relationship, I learned that talking is actually useful. Now I would like to learn which cafés or bars you like so that I can invite you on a date. "

Reach your destination with charm and creativity:

“Let me be the waiter who brings you the coffee. Let me be your hot date, paying for the coffee. Let me be your car mechanic who drives your engine to... ah ... oops ... sorry. That didn´t work. Let me have another go: let me be the man you think of when you wash your wrinkled t-shirt. And if it goes really well ... then you would be the woman I think about while I work out. Shall we start with the waiter and see if the chemistry is right? "

However, it could be worth leaving work out of it. These apps are initially about fun and flirting. If a woman finds you sexy, your job is usually not that important to her.

One last tip: never suggest your apartment on your first date. Coffee, cocktail or dinner works a charm. However, women will only agree to a meeting with you if they already know that they want to have sex with you. But that is seldom the case before the first encounter.

The potential date responds and you start a convo:

Not every woman wants to chat for ages before hooking up. Some would much rather get to know you in person on the date itself.

For shy women and those who haven't been using hook-up apps for long, and here chatting is always important. But don't worry...

... when there is even just a little chemistry between you, then the chat topics will not run out.

Our tip:

Do not go for every woman you come across, but concentrate on the chats where there is clearly a spark.

Paula: “The chat is important to me because you learn so much about the other person. Whether someone can write reasonably correctly. Or whether I can write at all and not only use 10 smileys all the time. The answers he gives to my questions are also important to me. That's how I approach the subject of sex. If the chat fits, I often notice that I'm much more relaxed about meeting. Nevertheless, I like to meet at the bar to start with. Only when it suits me will I go to see him or we will book a hotel room. "

By the way, it's absolutely fine to hang out with several women at the same time. Women do the same thing on dating apps.

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at BeNaughty. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

No half-measures: from online chat direct to a hot date

Welcome to phase 3: Sex.

But first of all we would like to congratulate you. You created an attractive profile, otherwise you wouldn´t have got a chat going. You were also able to pique her (or are there a few?) interest. Good job!

Now, let´s get down to business. The first date and sex.

The goal is clear. You want sex. And you want her to want it too. But before we go into more detail about sex, let us state once again:

Women want sex just as much as men. But, most women need to feel comfortable and secure.

If a woman doesn't feel comfortable with you, she'll be gone faster than you can click your fingers. This should make it clear how you should behave.

Our tip:

Take your (and her) time to get to know each other at the beginning. Try to find out what makes her tick. Does she like gentlemen or is she more independent and cheeky? The more inexperienced she seems to you, the more time she will need to feel comfortable with you.

Learn to read the signals

When a woman is into you, she will show you this through her body language. Does she listen to you when you speak? Does she reach for the glass when you reach for the glass? Does she laugh when you laugh?

When this is happening...

…then there is a good chance that she likes you and you can move to the next stage.

Close the distance, place your hand near to hers or briefly touch her arm. If she doesn't say anything, keep paying attention to her body language. Is she still smiling or is she pulling her arm back quickly? Does she return the contact and smile?

If the latter is true, you can go to the next step. The first kiss. If that also fits, sex is usually not far away.

At this point it should be restated. Anyone who uses casual sex apps privately does not, of course, charge any money for sex. If a woman brings money into play, get out of there.

Is there more to come after sex?

You almost always know that afterwards. In any case, good sex is based on mutual familiarity. So if it was good the first time, it will probably be even better next time.

Meet NZ sex contacts anonymously and discreetly via the app

Hook-up apps don´t work without anonymity and discretion. Dating app operators are aware of this too.

Serious casual dating apps offer a range of ways with which you can remain anonymous.

Here´s how you do it:

  • On some apps you have the ability to decide who can send you messages and who cannot.
  • Although some sites permit profiles without photos, this is often not the case.
  • Sometimes you can pixelate your photo.
  • Or you can decide who can see your photo and who cannot.

Live out your fetishes and fantasies on the apps?

Not only does it work, it works very well. Why? Because you can list your preferences right from the start.

The big portals even offer fetish categories. This makes it even easier for you to find other members who share your fetish or who have no problem with it. BDSM, pee, nylon sex and foot fetishes... you can find (almost) everything here.

What should you pay attention to?

With fetishes, the number of members is very important. That is why we advise you to choose a portal that has many active members. Our favourites above are some of the greatest services in New Zealand.

Whether through chat or during the date, fetish sex dating is not that different from any others. Sympathy also plays a major role here, it's just that needs and desires are more clearly defined.

Our recommendations

Test winner: Most NZ-women looking for sex

  • A high number of female users, which significantly increases your chances
  • A very active dating community
  • Serious provider
  • Members interested in real dates - not chatting only
Easy to use and get chatting

  • Members appear legitimately interested in hooking up
  • Good functions and ease of use
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  • Membership completely free for women
  • Decide who you share your profile picture with
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  • Easy-to-use message system