Looking for flirts and dates?

Everyone in New Zealand is talking about Dating Apps!

If you are single and looking for a partner, in most cases you have already heard of Tinder or a similar dating app. Lots of people have signed up immediately or perhaps even logged out again because they have realized that online dating is not for them.

The fact is...

The use of Dating Apps is now the fastest and easiest way to get in contact with as many singles as possible in your area.

Dating Apps have the advantage that the registration is fast. If you want, you can even register with the help of a social media profile, then the registration takes just a few seconds and you can start flirting online.

Flirting without boundaries and obligations

Those who are not necessarily looking for a steady partner or do not yet know what they expect from online dating are in good hands with the classic flirt apps such as Tinder, Badoo & co. Most singles who use such apps want to flirt, have fun, meet exciting people and then see how it works out.

Visual looks up front

Most flirt apps are not about having a particularly meaningful profile with lots of information about yourself. It is much more important to upload photos that attract the interest of others. So if you are too shy to upload a picture to an app, you won't get far here. In that case you should rather have a look at dating sites for more serious dating. With dating apps, a picture is used to decide whether you want to get to know the other person or not. For this reason, the photo is the showpiece that not only gives the first impression, but the most important one.

That sounds too superficial?

In a way it is! Flirting with the most popular dating apps is superficial, but it is still popular. This is because of the simplicity of the system and certainly also because of the dopamine output. Which we get when we realize that there are many singles out there who seem to like our pictures.

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How do Flirt Apps actually work?

For most dating apps the "swipe & go" principle of Tinder has been established. First, you will be shown singles close by that match your search criteria (age, gender). Based on the pictures stored in your profile you decide whether you want to meet the person or not. A swipe to the left or right is enough. If the pictures are marked with a „like", a "match" appears.  A match makes it very exciting, because then you can start flirting.

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