Is Hinge really the best app for educated & eligible singles in New Zealand?


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Hinge is an online dating platform that promotes relationships instead of hookups. This app is also available in New Zealand. Hinge boasts to be the only dating app that is designed to be deleted!
Dating app for love, instead of hook-ups.
says Ben

Are you tired of dating apps suggesting immature people who are merely looking for a ‘good-time’? Do you want to find someone who is looking to commit to something more stable and long-term?

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge doesn’t connect you with random strangers in your vicinity. Rather, you’re connected to friends-of-friends or friends-of-friends-of-friends from your Facebook account. Because of this, you are more likely to experience meeting someone on Hinge the same way as being warmly introduced by your friend to their acquaintance at a party. It is the safer and more reliable way to look for a partner.

If you’re a smart and eligible single looking for a partner, you probably want someone educated and who shares your general interests. Because Hinge connects you with people from your friend’s circle on Facebook, you are more likely to meet the kind of people you prefer to interact with. The chances of meeting someone after hundreds of failed dates are radically reduced due to this algorithm!

Hinge in comparison

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Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

If you’re looking to find someone on your wavelength, EliteSingles is the dating service for you! With a detailed personality questionnaire and profile builder, being matched with someone who has similar qualities, values, and professional achievements is almost a guarantee.

The app with the intelligent matching algorithm

The Zoosk app sounds quite promising in its ads. After all, more than 40 million singles worldwide are said to be registered here. In addition, more than 3 million messages are sent daily. But can this dating site really convince New Zealand as well? Will a membership be worthwhile?

Hinge Pros

  • Ensures safety and reliability of match through their unique algorithm

  • Provides practical information about potential matches to guide in informed decision making

  • Provides matches in your socio-economical circles, based on people’s behavior in off-line dating

  • The Preferred Hinge membership is economical and easy on the wallet

  • There is a good chance you will find people from similar educational backgrounds or schools!

Hinge Cons

  • Not so many active users in New Zealand yet

  • Does not have a good database yet to cater equally to the LGBTQ+ community

Can you really find love using Hinge in New Zealand?

Hinge is your portal to meet eligible NZ singles from your expanded social circle. The philosophy behind the app is that you are more likely to feel safe about meeting a potential partner for something stable if you have testimony from a mutual friend of their credibility!

Hinge does not show your friends, but simply your friends-of-friends or friends-of-friends-of-friends. Therefore, both of you will have at least one mutual friend to vouch for you. You will definitely avoid ending up with a serial killer on Hinge!

Beyond the safety, Hinge suggests people of a similar mindset, views, or social class. How?

Well, you only add people on Facebook if you like them, right? Most people only add people they know in some personal capacity to their Friend list. You add your friend to your account, and your friend adds her friends in a similar method. The echo chamber created brings together people of similar backgrounds, and vastly increases the chances of your stumbling into a like-minded single that you can fall in love with!

Hinge targets a specific audience: people looking for relationships, and builds their services accordingly. Its mission is not to keep you on the app for long and earn through ad revenue from your extended use. Rather, they aim to help you find someone to get you off dating apps all together. This approach differentiates Hinge from other apps on the market, and is greatly appealing to those looking to get out of the quagmire of online dating.

The only disadvantage of Hinge: the app does not yet have that many active members in New Zealand. Originally, Hinge comes from the USA, where the app is also very popular. In New Zealand, however, there are many apps with significantly more singles.

Our recommendation: be2
A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

How quickly do you come into contact with other Hinge NZ members?

Hinge allows you to look through a specific number of people at regular intervals. You do not have an infinite list to go through, and you cannot revisit a profile unless you match. This reduces the chances of irresponsibly swiping left on people for fun.

You go over every profile and make a calculated decision about approaching the person. This other person will then have your card shown to them. If they like what they see, the two of you will be connected which will then open the channel to a proper conversation.

Say you meet someone at a friend’s party and you forgot to ask for their number. Odds are, if they’re single, you’ll be able to find them on Hinge and reach out!

Hinge: Profiles and Features

Websites such as OkCupid ask you for detailed answers regarding your preferences, while those like Tinder simply require your pictures, name, and age. Hinge finds the middle way.

It doesn’t bog you down with huge personality quizzes and questions, but requires more basic information.

For example, when you see someone’s profile on Hinge, it displays their name, age, career, and former educational institutes, amongst other preferred preferences if they chose to share them.

It also provides conversation prompts they can choose to add, such as their love language, simple pleasures, and a random shower thought they had recently.

It also mentions the mutual friend(s) the two of you share on Facebook, if any. This information allows you to make a more informed decision before reaching out to another single.

In comparison, Tinder only shows the age, location proximity, last active, name, and pictures.

Just by the information shown itself, you can understand the apps’ mission:

Tinder = Hook-ups while Hinge = Relationships

Hinge also uses your location data to find matches close to your physical distance, however, this information is not available to you similar to Tinder where you can narrow in on the proximity, such as .8 miles away.

It provides the neighborhood information that you have set yourself on your profile. Yet again, the relationship-focused app mission is clear in this setting.

Is Hinge too expensive?

Hinge offers both premium and free membership options, which can be found in your Account Settings.

In the free membership, the information about the gender, location, age, distance, ethnicity, and religion of the match are available to you. The people you are shown are both Premium/Preferred Hinge members, as well as free members. However, you only get 10 likes a day.

The Premium/Preferred membership allows users to find out the height, readiness for children, political opinion, drinking/smoking/marijuana/drug use preferences as well. You also get an unlimited number of likes.

If you plan to use Hinge seriously, you need to be a paid Preferred Member. Subscriptions start at 29,99 NZD for one month, 54,99 NZD for three months, and 79,99 NZD for six months. Along with unlimited likes, with a paid subscription you can see everyone who likes you.

Hinge is worth the price if you are seriously looking to find a match, at just 80 NZD for six months, which comes to less than 15 NZD / month. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that there are not so many NZ members on Hinge, and therefore your chances decrease. However, if you are using the app casually, you’re probably good to go with the free membership. It is exactly what we recommend in New Zealand.

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at be2. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

Advice for more success on Hinge

As with all other dating websites, success on Hinge depends on your profile, the way you present yourself, the sincerity of your claims, and how active you remain in this game of trial and error.

Two things you should pay close attention to are the following:

  1. People come to Hinge to look for serious partners. If you want to succeed, make sure to sincerely provide information in a fun, but honest way on your profile.

    Provide pictures that show your personality. Make sure to provide a full-body shot and at least one with your face clearly shown without photoshop.
  2. The first text you send a person matters a lot. Show that you have taken an active interest in their profile and them as a person. Open the conversation with something interesting that provokes a reply. A bland “hey,” or “nice picture” comment will not help you stand out, or get a text back.

The ranking in comparison

Our recommendations

A popular NZ dating site for everyone

  • A good number of contact suggestions
  • Search across borders function
  • A balanced gender ratio
  • A clear and easy interface design
  • Several different ways of initiating contact with users
Popular dating site for educated singles

  • High success rate: 41%
  • Easy to use: Focus on what's important
  • Balanced women/men ratio of 49% to 51%
  • No fake profiles were discovered during the test
  • Matching algorithms suggest suitable partners based on the psychological test
  • Profile photos can be unlocked individually
Dating site for singles over 50 with ambitions

  • Easy-to-use platform, straightforward
  • Photos can be unlocked individually
  • Wide range of options for profile design
  • Verified profile photos
  • App for Android and Apple users available
  • Fair prices
Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

  • The detailed personality test makes it highly likely you will be matched with someone similar
  • EliteSingles has within its site a range of good safety measures.
  • Relationship experts offer video tutorials and blogs offering advice as to how users can optimize their EliteSingles experience.
The app with the intelligent matching algorithm

  • The profile can be easily be set up within a few minutes
  • Extensive search functions with numerous parameters
  • The Zoosk app offers the same range of features as an online portal
  • Subscriptions and additional options can be cancelled quickly and hassle free

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03/05/2021 - 04:59

I signed up for Hinge and also for a paid membership because I liked the concept. After a few days and a few chats, I was suddenly banned. WTF. What did I do? Maybe my account was hacked? I would not recommend this app to anyone under these circumstances. I have now reported them and want my money back

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