Experiences with the LOVOO App in New Zealand: prompt first dates or all fake?


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LOVOO is one of the most popular flirt apps on this planet. In many countries of the world, flirting on LOVOO is a huge thing.
Popular flirt app with many members in NZ
says Ben

LOVOO is one of the most popular flirt apps on this planet. In many countries of the world, flirting on LOVOO is a huge thing.

Are you eager to meet other singles in New Zealand?

LOVOO could be a useful app to meet new people in your area.

We will tell you whether LOVOO is the right app for a spontaneous date, which costs are involved and which features the app offers.

In our detailed LOVOO test you will also find out how a successful ice breaker can help you to start a conversation and how to use the LOVOO app to get in touch with people.

So let's start right away!


LOVOO in comparison

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  • Easy and intuitive handling

  • Free features

  • Many active users

  • Fast dates

  • Flirtatious members


  • Negative headlines about fake profiles in the past

  • Mainly young members

  • More men than women

  • Only a few users are looking for something permanent

Connect with other NZ singles in your area through LOVOO? It's as simple as that

Would you like to know to what extent LOVOO is suitable for spontaneous dates in New Zealand?

One thing is for sure: The LOVOO App is already on the market since 2011. It is very popular in many countries around the world and has now established itself as a major player in the dating app market.

What makes LOVOO stand out?

The app is simply there to get to know new people in the area. At first glance, there is no segmentation at all, whether it's contacts for a hot night, new friends or maybe the love of life. One thing stands out immediately after registration: the people who use the LOVOO app are very sociable.

On average, about 1.5 million users flirt with one another here every week. But who do you actually meet here and do they all want a real date?

Let's take a closer look at this...

Who's using the LOVOO app in New Zealand?

LOVOO describes itself as a so-called social network, which focuses on online dating, but basically brings together people with similar interests, wishes and desires.

Although there is a lot of flirting, some members of LOVOO just want to chat nicely, meet amazing people or they simply can't imagine a committed relationship. LOVOO users are typically about 25 years old, whereby the most common age group is between 18 and 35 years old. One thing that may be a little disadvantageous for men is the fact that only about 35% of the members are women and about 2/3 of the users are men.

Our recommendation: be2
A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

Can LOVOO be used free of charge? These are the free functions waiting for you

Are you afraid of being ripped off when dating online? No need to be!
Many of LOVOO's features are free, although LOVOO also charges for special premium features.

Here is a short summary:

Free of charge on LOVOO:

  • Replying to, writing and reading messages
  • Looking at photos
  • Send 1 Ice Breaker daily
  • All search options available
  • Creating a complete profile
  • Selecting favourites

Fee-paying on LOVOO:

  • Use "match" without limits
  • See who added you to their favourites and who visited your profile
  • Send 3 Ice Breakers daily
  • Increasing the visibility of your messages
  • No adverts
  • Read receipts
  • Possibility to „ghost“ users

In order to take advantage of the paid features, you have to opt for a Premium Membership. The LOVOO prices vary depending on whether you use the app or the desktop version:

Premium Membership (App):

  • LOVOO Premium for 1 month: 35 NZD
  • LOVOO Premium for 3 months: 68 NZD
  • LOVOO Premium for 12 months: 206 NZD

Premium Membership (Desktop):

  • LOVOO Premium for 1 month: 14 NZD
  • LOVOO Premium for 3 months: 34 NZD
  • LOVOO Premium for 6 months: 52 NZD
  • LOVOO Premium for 12 months: 78 NZD

You do not want to commit yourself completely? You can purchase individual features, called LOVOO Credits:

  • For 500 LOVOO Credits: 9 NZD
  • For 1,000 LOVOO Credits: 17 NZD
  • For 3,000 LOVOO Credits: 34 NZD
  • For 8,000 LOVOO Credits: 86 NZD
  • For 17,000 LOVOO Credits: 172 NZD

What are LOVOO credits good for?

Buying extra credits allows you to see which user is interested in you or is checking your profile out. You can also make yourself stand out by giving gifts to other users with the help of LOVOO credits.

Earn Free Credits instead of buying (also an option)

LOVOO Credits are also available for free, but you have to "do something" for them.

One way is to download the apps of LOVOO's advertising partners onto your smartphone or by doing certain actions directly on the LOVOO app: these include profile verification, watching commercials and linking to other accounts such as Facebook. Through all these activities you have the possibility to get LOVOO credits for free.

The LOVOO costs: a bottom line

The basic version of LOVOO is free. However, premium members have higher chances to date more often and to interact with someone.

Due to the low percentage of women, it is recommended that men use paid features (Premium Membership) or purchase additional features with the help of LOVOO credits. The LOVOO App has many very active users. Sometimes it is even not easy to keep track of what's going on.

When compared to alternative dating apps and dating sites, LOVOO prices are relatively affordable. Nevertheless, here's some advice: It's worth comparing the LOVOO costs between the app and the desktop version because they are different (see above). Choosing your device for a premium membership is therefore quite important.

LOVOO behind the scenes: Our experience with the LOVOO App in NZ

You still doubt whether you will be happy with the LOVOO App in New Zealand? How does it feel to use the LOVOO radar, and does flirting via the LOVOO livestream works.

Before you sign up, here is a little insight beforehand:

We have looked at all the outstanding features of both the desktop and app versions. This is a summary of our LOVOO experience:

a) Using the LOVOO radar!

If you particularly want to meet people from your city, the LOVOO radar is the ideal feature. It shows you which users are nearby. A GPS signal shows the exact distance from you to other members. So how about a spontaneous date for a coffee when you're out and about anyway? Quite possible!

More specifically, this means...

The LOVOO radar helps you to find singles in your area who you could meet spontaneously in case of mutual interest. Especially in big cities, this feature helps you to quickly find other users nearby. In the countryside, however, you will be shown fewer people or you will often simply have a longer journey because people are scattered throughout the area.

b) The flirting game in test: It's a Match!

This function may look familiar to you from Badoo or Tinder: Based on your selected search settings, such as gender, age and search radius, the flirt-match shows you pictures of other members that fit perfectly.

This is exactly how it works: If you like someone, you choose the heart, if not, the X.

If you are both interested in each other, a "match" is created and you can continue chatting with each other.

So what are the chances for a date in the near future?

Is there someone who makes your heart beat faster, even if you haven't had a "match" yet? By clicking on the envelope icon, you can use the "LOVOO Ice Breaker" feature to signal your interest by simply sending a message to a person.

By the way: How this works best, you will find out below...

Yet contacting other users can be done even faster. In fact completely live and in stereo with "LOVOO LIVE“.

Do you have the guts?

c) Reality check: This is what you can expect from LOVOO Live!

Do you find online dating often not personal enough and too slow?

So be brave and show yourself live!

The LOVOO livestream offers you the opportunity to present yourself to other users via livestream. All you need to do is activate the microphone and camera on your device.

Still lacking a little confidence?

To get an idea of the whole procedure, it is sufficient to watch some live videos of other members at the beginning. You' ll quickly get an idea of what is possible.

LOVOO Live not only gives you a true-to-life impression of the people on LOVOO, but you can also be sure that the fake rate is extremely low.

Now you' re live - what is to be expected?

You might be at a concert of your favourite musician and decide to share this experience via LOVOO live stream. The chance that other users who also like the artist contact you is quite high. This way you can easily get into conversation.

Another example: You are sitting in the library of your university and thinking about a complex issue where you could use help? Why don't you go live on LOVOO, because maybe someone knows the answer to your question, because they are studying the same subject. The options are endless...

Authentic Online Dating via Video-Chat!

You're fed up with all that typing? Of course you can also contact members on LOVOO via video call.

In addition, the livestreams give you the opportunity to receive virtual gifts, so-called diamonds. You can then convert these diamonds into credits. This is another good opportunity to get free LOVOO credits.

d) LOVOO App vs. LOVOO website

Are you considering whether it is better to flirt on LOVOO using your desktop or your smartphone?

Our LOVOO experiences show the following:

The beautiful and modern design as well as the clarity speaks very much for the LOVOO app, although in the free version it can interfere with the advertising (e.g. for various gifts). And the use of the LOVOO radar also makes more sense if you activate it on a mobile device.

However, the LOVOO website is in no way inferior in user-friendliness to the app. The desktop version of LOVOO is a much cheaper way (see also the topic of LOVOO costs) to use the same service at a lower price. The registered singles are all the same. From this point of view, they both offer the same chances for good flirts and dates. 

Summing up our experience with LOVOO NZ

With the LOVOO App two things in particular stand out: The NZ users are relatively young and there is definitely a surplus of men. Regardless of whether this is considered positive or negative: Most LOVOO users are communicative and open.

Our current LOVOO experiences prove that the chances of meeting someone in the LOVOO chat are quite high. Most of the time there is always a user not far away, which ensures that LOVOO never gets boring.

However, there is one small disadvantage: although the members are keen to have fun, most of them are apparently not interested in serious deeper connections.

What exactly does this fact mean for you?

To find your partner for life with LOVOO NZ, you will probably need much more patience than usual. But it is certainly not impossible. However, let's put it this way: you will probably have to kiss a lot more frogs in order to find the prince of your dreams.

Assuming you just want to have a good time, meet nice people, socialise with someone or maybe have a one-night stand, LOVOO is definitely for you. Give it a try!

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at be2. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

Is Lovoo's membership fooled by fake profiles?

Let's face it, online dating platforms are a natural target for scammers of all kinds, so everyone knows that fakes are not easy to avoid.

By the way: Especially in the advertising industry the truth is often stretched. The online dating industry is no exception. Also in terms of "love's happiness" not everything that glitters is gold, which is why increased awareness is never wrong!

When it comes to fakes, LOVOO in particular has hit the headlines in the past. Perhaps you have noticed that too?

If not, below is a summary of what LOVOO has to do with fake scandals:

Fake profile scandal (2016): Fraud at LOVOO

In the course of a legal dispute, the accusation arose that LOVOO was using fake profiles to make users take out a paid subscription.

Although other companies were already struggling with this accusation, LOVOO still had a massive security gap. According to this, personal data of LOVOO users were apparently transferred to other services without encryption.

An authentic online dating portal looks different, doesn't it?

In the meantime, LOVOO promised that this problem was off the table. Users can continue flirting without worrying about their data.

Data security scandal (2019): Scam at LOVOO

In summer 2019, LOVOO again attracted negative attention. This time the LOVOO radar was the trigger of the scandal. Data protectionists have accused LOVOO of being far too precise in tracking radar users in the area. The accuracy of the data even went down to a distance of up to 50 m.

Are other dating apps are doing the same?

Not quite. Here's a comparison: Tinder only displays distance information in kilometers, which is intended to protect the user. The LOVOO app has been criticised for being extremely easy to locate users by using the exact coordinates.

Initially, the provider was reluctant to make a statement, saying only that no further action was necessary. A few weeks later, however, LOVOO issued a statement stating that the corresponding location is now only displayed up to an accuracy of one kilometre.

Summing up the LOVOO Fakes

Apparently the online dating platform has cleared away the scandals that affected them, but a bad feeling somehow still remains.

But perhaps it all just went wrong for LOVOO? In any case, the company will act very carefully in the future in order not to let such accusations occur again.

The fact is: In our LOVOO NZ test, we were neither bothered by a fake profile, nor were we encouraged or tempted to spend money, be it by purchasing credits or taking out a premium membership.

Regarding the LOVOO radar:

All LOVOO users are free to deactivate tracking individually in their smartphones. Anyone who does not do this exposes themselves to risk, because in our test we always saw members closer than one kilometre away. In some cases even accurate to 100 m.

Enough with the criticism - Let's finally get some advice for you on how to increase your chances with LOVOO.

The ranking in comparison

With an Ice Breaker towards success at LOVOO

Perhaps you remember the "LOVOO Ice-Breaker feature" mentioned above?

A member has aroused your interest in particular, so perhaps you would like to know more about them? With the Ice Breaker feature you make it clear that you really like someone. With an Ice Breaker you show: "I think you are really great and I would really like to know more about you“.

A great feature, isn't it?

With a premium membership you can write 3 LOVOO Ice Breakers a day, whereas with the free version you can write only one. If you need more, you have the option to purchase them with credits.

Clicking on the Ice Breaker symbol is not difficult. But what makes you stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of a positive answer?

Here are our proven LOVOO Ice-Breaker tips:

a) The absolute no-go's of a LOVOO Ice Breaker

Never ask standard questions that are not only annoying but also rather meaningless. A lame "How are you?" or a simple "Hi, what did you do today?" will definitely not get you an answer. Especially women sometimes receive hundreds of such questions, so they choose exactly who to answer.

But there's worse ...

With a LOVOO Ice Breaker, whose answer you can easily find out for yourself, you'll definitely shoot yourself in the foot. So when someone mentions their home town, there is no need to ask "Where do you live? Besides a lack of creativity, you also convey a rather low level of interest.

b) How good LOVOO Ice Breakers look like

Would you like to know what a promising message on LOVOO looks like?

Nothing easier than that: Take a moment, look at the profile and then be a bit creative:

Do you share the same passion for a particular hobby or have you ever been to the same concert? Take note of this! The more detailed you respond to your counterpart, the easier you will get a positive feedback - promised!

More specifically: the fact alone that you invest time and effort will cause the other user to break the ice. So have courage! :)

You really can't think of anything at all?

We have tried our best and tested some things for you:

The LOVOO Ice Breakers with best chances

You're just not the creative type?

Don't worry! We won't leave you here!

In the following we have put together 5 personal Ice Breakers for you, which will certainly give you a reaction:

Create curiosity

A bit unfair, but it works:

"NAME", really? Wow. Can you remember me?"

With such a message the question inevitably arises: "Is this someone I know?" and most people are too curious not to reply. However, you should reveal your strategy afterwards, for example with this confession: "I was fascinated by you and really wanted to get to know you better". Your new LOVOO contact won’t be mad.

Making an indirect compliment

Be innovative in your approach:

Just say "*NAME*, how many times in your life have you heard that you could compete with Scarlett Johansson (or George Clooney)?“

Although you are referring to a compliment that your counterpart probably can't hear anymore, you are wrapping it up in a clever way. The result is that it will look less clumsy and you might get the other user to answer something after all.

A playful technique

Those who do not dare, do not win:

"NAME", I tell you one truth and one lie about me. Any idea what's really true and what I made up?“

With this Ice Breaker you take a risk, but your counterpart will probably not be able to resist the challenge. Write an interesting fact in your Ice Breaker and a realistic but well thought-out scenario. With an answer you can continue this game for a long time...

Being profound

How" about leaving the boring part behind and going straight to the really important things: „*NAME*, which crazy side of yours have you been acting out lately?“

This could be a bit overwhelming, but it is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. And that is exactly the crux of the matter. Your counterpart is probably relieved because he or she can skip the boring small talk with the usual questions. This way you can be almost certain of an answer. It also keeps the fun going!

A combination of a compliment and a provocative comment

Risky and direct:

"Great outfit, *NAME* - are you currently wearing that to pull?“

Normally, corny compliments are well known to many users. The only thing you get from boring compliments is eye rolling. If, on the other hand, you lean out a bit with a comment, you will stand out. Moreover, most people react to a provocatively asked question and try to justify themselves. This mechanism should also work with this Ice Breaker.

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User ratings and user feedback

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Average: 1.8 (5 votes)


12/17/2020 - 04:01

Lovoo in Newzealan is hardly known. And that is a pro and con at the same time. Pro: really new. Con: not many people there yet. I give it a 5.

User rating
Average: 5 (1 vote)
12/18/2020 - 03:24

Nothing for NZ. New Zealnd is to small for a site like Lovoo.

User rating
Average: 1 (1 vote)
12/19/2020 - 01:49

Shouldn't be called Lovool but ripoffoo in my opinion.

User rating
Average: 1 (1 vote)
03/05/2021 - 05:42

Only fake women here. Worst app ever. I have never written with a woman here. The app looks nice, but the women here have no desire to write at all. I tested the app for 3 months and even paid for it. Nothing happened at all.

User rating
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03/20/2021 - 03:10
no magician

absolute garbage, whoever is really successful can do magic

User rating
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