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Boasting over 150 million registered users, Plenty of Fish is one of the largest global dating websites being used today. It caters to people in over 20 countries across the Americas, Canada, Europe and of course New Zealand.
POF is Match-making over 1M relationships per year (globally)
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Remember the last time you were told there are plenty of fish in the sea and you rolled your eyes? If there are so many out there, where’s yours?

Claiming to set up over a million relationships per year, the dating service pre-dates the smartphone era, launching all the way back in 2003. This extended period of operation means that it’s gathered extensive research on its users, so its algorithms have a much greater rate of success in setting you up with your potential match.

Plenty of Fish caters to all kinds of audiences - from those looking for casual hookups to those searching for their life partner. However, unlike other dating apps like Tinder, it requires users to post upfront on their profiles what exactly they are looking for.

The algorithm, therefore, has a better chance of matching people with the same expectations. This means that both a person looking for a casual hook-up and someone looking for marriage can use the same platform for their respective requirements. Saves you from another Friday night date night with Ben & Jerry!

Plenty of Fish in comparison

A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

Popular dating site for educated singles

Academic Singles is aimed at academics and educated NZ singles who are looking for a suitable life partner among like-minded people.

Dating site for singles over 50 with ambitions

Singles50 NZ is a dating service that focuses exclusively on singles in their prime. Women and men over 40 are looking for a life partner here.

Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

If you’re looking to find someone on your wavelength, EliteSingles is the dating service for you! With a detailed personality questionnaire and profile builder, being matched with someone who has similar qualities, values, and professional achievements is almost a guarantee.

POF is Match-making over 1M relationships per year (globally)

Boasting over 150 million registered users, Plenty of Fish is one of the largest global dating websites being used today. It caters to people in over 20 countries across the Americas, Canada, Europe and of course New Zealand.

Plenty of Fish Pros

  • Relatively free dating site

  • Additional safety features: audio messaging, photo filter bans

  • Anti-harassment measures

  • A good number of active users in NZ

  • Chemistry assessment tests

  • Requires upfront declaration of intentions and expectations on profile

Plenty of Fish Cons

  • Filling out the questionnaire takes a bit of time

  • The interface is not as tech-savvy and attractive as its competitors

  • More male than female users

  • Lots of ads on the platform. Can be removed with a premium subscription only

POF NZ - Profile & Features

No social media linking needed

POF does not require you to link your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram, to log in.  While it may ask you to link with Facebook to access your photos later on, it is not mandatory. You can maintain a clean split between your social media and your dating life.

Questionnaire about preferences

When you make an account on POF, it requires you to fill out a questionnaire about your preferences and personality.

These questions range from your income to information about your parents and siblings. After adding a brief description of yourself and your interests, along with a photo, you can start looking for matches.

Since you do not have to link any of your social media or provide it on the profile, POF protects giving away too much of your information to potential matches.

Informed decision making is encouraged

Unlike Tinder and OkCupid, the profile provides practical information about the other person, apart from their photos. This helps you make an informed decision about the potential match.

Ban on face filters on photos

You are allowed to add as many as 8 pictures as you want to your profile for free, and 16 as a premium user. However, a unique aspect of POF is its ban on photos with filters.

The idea is simple: “you get what you see”. In effort to avoid catfishing, any modified image is restricted.

Access to extended profile for premium members

When a match views your profile, they will see your hobbies, education, job, description, and the standard that you are looking for. With a premium account, they can access your extended profile, including information about your parents and siblings, religious and political views, etc.

Our recommendation: be2
A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

POF NZ in Practice

Plenty of Fish users seem to be mainly looking for a relationship, or something more serious... Which makes sense, as most people looking for something casual wouldn’t put in the time to fill out the lengthy registration questionnaire when there are much easier options like Tinder or Bumble around.

People who take POF seriously = people who are looking for something serious (for the most part.)

However, serious does not necessarily mean better. Despite POF’s efforts to minimize catfishing, there are a handful of obvious fake profiles lurking around the app, waiting for someone to fall to their prey - be wary!

The app does offer neat search features that really lets you find what you’re looking for. If the algorithm isn’t providing you with the best matches up front, you can filter through users who match your personal preferences - everything from body type to income and lifestyle choices, POF lets you cut the fluff and get right to the point.

Is POF Premium affordable?

Plenty of Fish is a relatively free dating service, with most features available to all. However, premium membership is available for around 10 NZD a month (8month subscription), or 12,75 NZD / month (4-month subscription) or 19,35 NZD per month (2 months subscription).

Premium members are allowed access to extended profiles of matches, can check the status of the messages they have sent, ensure their message reaches the top of the match’s list, stand out in searches conducted by other POF users and enjoy a completely ad free usage of POF.

How can you pay for POF Premium Membership?

You can choose between credit card and PayPal account as payment options.

How to cancel a premium membership?

To cancel your premium membership on your phone (iOS or Android), you’d navigate it just like you would cancel any other subscription - navigating to your active subscriptions in your iOS or Android app store settings and clicking cancel.

If you’re a web-based user, you can cancel your membership by sending an email to csr@pof.com. Please make sure to include your mail and your e-mail address that you have used when signing up on POF.

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at be2. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

How do you find your fish on POF NZ?

Connecting to another match on Plenty of Fish NZ is relatively simple. It works just like regular text messaging.

You can text back and forth with ease for an unlimited amount of time. Not only that, you can also send voice notes through your phone’s microphone as well! This is a feature that other dating sites do not offer.

Special features that help you find the one (for now or forever)

Ultra-match and browsing

Plenty of Fish works in two ways: it provides you with a curated list of matches, and also allows you to browse through all available matches.

The curated list is determined by the algorithm based on your preferences. Most people claim to have found their romantic partner through the recommended matches by POF - the UltraMatch feature allows you to access these lists.

Plenty of Fish also keeps tabs on all the people you are most compatible with through a list called Top Prospects. All the people whom you have contacted and shown the most chemistry with in the last 30 days are listed here.

Chemistry assessments

POF offers other ways for you to make your preferences known to the algorithm, apart from your profile.

You can take a personality test or a chemistry compatibility test. The algorithm then sets you up with potential matches who fall in the categories your test results show you would be most compatible with. Other tests offered include chemistry assessment, needs assessment, psychological assessment, keeper test, and sex test.

Meet Me

Through the MeetMe feature, you can signal that you are up for a meetup and browse local members who might be interested in doing the same. You are presented with profile pictures of other users and are then asked to tick "Yes" if you want to meet them, or "No" if you don't. If you both say "Yes," you become a mutual match and can start chatting and plan your meetup.


This feature allows you to indicate to your match how much are you into them. Simply said, if you like someone more than any other person you have stumbled upon, through SuperYes you can make them know their worth for you.


You can freely set the location from where you want to find people to be matched with. However, like other apps, it also uses your phone service to find nearby matches effectively.

Anti-harassment measures

Since Plenty of Fish has been around since 2003, it has worked significantly to improve the user experience, especially concerning the harassment faced by female users. POF does not allow men to send private images to women.

This measure was taken in response to overwhelming female complaints about receiving unsolicited, sexually explicit images from men. Plenty of Fish protects you from inappropriate content such as spam, abusive language, and pornography. Copying and pasting a text message is also not allowed to prevent spam (and unoriginal people!)

COVID-19 impact on POF dating

Plenty of Fish has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to deal with COVID19 and its unique impediments.

First and foremost, it has made available a vast resource of self-care and meditation strategies. Forums are available for discussions on mental health, with moderators to keep the conversation in check. Members can also now live stream themselves and attend other people’s live streams.

This is unique for a dating app because people are no longer just interacting one-on-one. Instead, a neat little POF community has been established. By clicking on LIVE, singles can live stream with each other or play games together.

Plenty of Fish has also introduced NextDate™ - which works as a speed dating platform. Singles livestream with matches for 90 seconds and then move on to the next. In a time of anxiety and isolation, POF’s unique solution to online dating has been applauded by many.

The ranking in comparison

Our recommendations

A popular NZ dating site for everyone

  • A good number of contact suggestions
  • Search across borders function
  • A balanced gender ratio
  • A clear and easy interface design
  • Several different ways of initiating contact with users
Popular dating site for educated singles

  • High success rate: 41%
  • Easy to use: Focus on what's important
  • Balanced women/men ratio of 49% to 51%
  • No fake profiles were discovered during the test
  • Matching algorithms suggest suitable partners based on the psychological test
  • Profile photos can be unlocked individually
Dating site for singles over 50 with ambitions

  • Easy-to-use platform, straightforward
  • Photos can be unlocked individually
  • Wide range of options for profile design
  • Verified profile photos
  • App for Android and Apple users available
  • Fair prices
Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

  • The detailed personality test makes it highly likely you will be matched with someone similar
  • EliteSingles has within its site a range of good safety measures.
  • Relationship experts offer video tutorials and blogs offering advice as to how users can optimize their EliteSingles experience.
POF is Match-making over 1M relationships per year (globally)

  • Relatively free dating site
  • Additional safety features: audio messaging, photo filter bans
  • Anti-harassment measures
  • A good number of active users in NZ
  • Chemistry assessment tests
  • Requires upfront declaration of intentions and expectations on profile

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User ratings and user feedback

Average User Rating
Average: 5.7 (3 votes)


03/05/2021 - 05:02

This is where I enjoy "fishing". I've been registered on POF NZ for over half a year and have had a few dates. Overall, I can recommend POF. I had a good time.

User rating
Average: 8 (1 vote)
03/16/2021 - 04:45

Registration is a bit annoying, as it takes a relatively long time. It's much quicker on tinder....Once you've got through the registration process, POF is a lot more fun. The contact suggestions were good. Lately I've been using POF live a lot. It's a good feature that fits the zeitgeist very well.

User rating
Average: 7 (1 vote)
04/01/2021 - 03:25

POF = Plenty of Fakes?  Well, I haven't had a real date on this site yet. The site is completely free but that is also reflected in the poor level. I do not want to waste my time on this crap site.

User rating
Average: 2 (1 vote)