Are you looking for a long-term relationship?

Can one really find the partner for life online?

Well, the good news is: Yes you can!

Nowadays many happy marriages and long term relationships have started online.

But the challenge is to find dating sites where you can really meet like-minded singles with serious intentions.

Great dating sites in New Zealand

There's no need to hide it: many people are simply looking online for a fast experience where they don't have to make any commitments.

If you are looking for a partner to start a steady relationship, you should avoid fleeting flirt portals and apps. Choose a NZ dating service that specializes in match-making people with serious intentions. These are mostly dating portals that work with psychological profiles and personality tests. The registration takes a little longer (about 20 minutes), but the partner suggestions afterwards are way better. 

In such a personality test you will be asked about your values, goals, wishes, interests and dreams for the future. Based on the information you provide, matching points are calculated, which are then compared with the answers of other singles in the database.

With activity towards a partner

Online dating sites create many new opportunities to get to know other singles. However, it is up to you to actually get to know the singles that are online. You must be proactive yourself and not just wait for requests.
How to be really successful in online dating in New Zealand?

Have a look at all the partner suggestions and text the members that you are interested in. Don't be afraid of a rejection: First of all, it's less "painful" online than in the real world. Secondly, you don't know if your potential flirt partner is already flirting with another person. So if nothing comes back, you shouldn't worry about it.

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The Buyer's Compass helps you to keep track and will find the right offer for you.

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