Finding love with trusted NZ dating sites? That's how falling in love works today!

Finding a matching partner for a happy, long-term relationship is definitely not an easy task.

Nowadays, as in many aspects of life, advancing technology is also helping in finding a partner. That's why more and more NZ singles are using online dating websites for finding the right partner.

But how do you recognise a legit online dating site? And which way is particularly effective to find someone who complements you optimally? In this article, we address all the aspects you should consider when looking for a partner online.

For the impatient: We get started in the next step with the best NZ dating sites that enjoy a good reputation. After that, we will go into detail step by step.

Our recommendations

A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

Popular dating site for educated singles

Academic Singles is aimed at academics and educated NZ singles who are looking for a suitable life partner among like-minded people.

Dating site for singles over 50 with ambitions

Singles50 NZ is a dating service that focuses exclusively on singles in their prime. Women and men over 40 are looking for a life partner here.

Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

If you’re looking to find someone on your wavelength, EliteSingles is the dating service for you! With a detailed personality questionnaire and profile builder, being matched with someone who has similar qualities, values, and professional achievements is almost a guarantee.

The app with the intelligent matching algorithm

The Zoosk app sounds quite promising in its ads. After all, more than 40 million singles worldwide are said to be registered here. In addition, more than 3 million messages are sent daily. But can this dating site really convince New Zealand as well? Will a membership be worthwhile?

This is why dating websites are so popular in New Zealand

Nowadays, most people are very busy at work, which means that love often no longer has a place.

With a busy schedule there is rarely the motivation or time to go out for a drink in a club or bar. Just to find out afterwards that you are not compatible with your new acquaintance after all.

For ambitious singles, registering with an online dating site seems to be an effective option to enrich their private life.

The biggest advantage here... Almost all steps can be taken from the comfort of your home.

Both the registration and the profile creation, the checking of partner suggestions and the flirting itself can be done from home. Of course, you only have to leave the house for an actual date.

Many of the established NZ dating sites work with the help of personality tests when matching partners.

How is this helpful?

Psychological tests of renowned online dating sites take into account all relevant parameters for a satisfying, long-term relationship when creating partner suggestions. Accordingly, only those people are suggested to each other who are particularly well suited and thus do they have a higher chance of leading a happier relationship.

But there are even more benefits that online dating sites bring with them... Experience shows that people who use such dating sites actually pursue the search for a partner with a certain seriousness.

Just filling out the personality test takes about 20 minutes of your time. If you take this time, you can assume that he/she is sufficiently motivated for the partner search.

The aim is definitely not a one-night stand without commitment, but rather to get to know true love. If you are looking for a one-night stand, it would be easier and cheaper to achieve this goal elsewhere.

However, renowned NZ online dating sites do not only focus on appearances, as superficial apps such as Tinder do. Instead, they place a much higher value on the individual character of a person.

Our recommendation: be2
A popular NZ dating site for everyone

On b2 NZ you’ll surely find singles from all age groups and from all walks of life. There is something here for everyone.

Online dating sites facing criticism: What is true and what is not?

It's all a scam, weird people only, they're only after money... There are many possible prejudices against online dating...

But what is the truth?

Assuming you are registered on a reputable online dating site: Nothing at all.

In the following sections we would like to go into more detail on the respective points of criticism:

"weird people only...".

In earlier times, when dating sites were still in their infancy, it was indeed mainly "nerds" who signed up on such sites. People who were considered having difficulties finding a partner have been seen as making use of dating sites. In the meantime, however, online dating has been fully accepted by society.

Due to the fact that nowadays almost everything is done via an app, the search for a partner on the internet is widely accepted by both genders.

... "It's all a scam..."

A common complaint about online dating services is the occurrence of fake profiles or scammers, so-called catfishes.

There is no doubt that there is a possibility of meeting fakes...

However, one should consider this aspect in relation.

If a renowned platform has a large number of members, then of course scammers or fakes will also become aware of it.

However, there is basically no difference between the big, well-known social networks such as Instagram or Facebook and an online dating site. Unfortunately, large, popular portals also quickly attract people who are not necessarily up to any good.

It should not be forgotten that reputable online dating portals usually charge a monthly fee for using the platform.

The membership fee alone scares off the majority of scammers.

In addition, legit dating sites have installed processes and mechanisms according to which all profiles of new members are checked. Then, at the latest, many fake profiles are thrown out.

Nevertheless, a pinch of common sense and a certain amount of scepticism is definitely not wrong when looking for a partner online.

If something seems too good to be true then there is probably something wrong with it.

... "They are just after the money...".

Fact is...

You don't get to use legit dating services for free.

However, this is a financial investment that pays off.

In addition to the running costs, such as for the server, it is also necessary to maintain the customer service.

What is the purpose of this effort?

Due to the customer service, most fake profiles as well as other scammers are detected at an early stage. If the platforms are free of scammers and fake profiles, you can start looking for your partner without having to worry about being ripped off. That's definitely worth the money.

The ranking in comparison

How does an online dating site work in detail?

After we have dealt with the basics of an online dating site, you probably want to get a better idea of how the dating process works? Below we explain the process from registration to the first date.

Can't wait to find the love of your life? Let's go!

The first step is a free registration. To do this, you need an e-mail address and a password, which you can of course choose yourself.

Don't be afraid!

There is no cost to you if you do not wish to do so. The initial registration steps are in fact completely free of charge for you.

In addition to creating a personal profile, the free registration also includes taking a personality test.

Due to the free registration, you always have the opportunity to try out several dating sites and then decide which one appeals to you the most.

The most important part of the registration: the personality test

Take enough time to fill out the personality test accurately and carefully. Only if you are authentic and honest with yourself can you get the partners suggested who actually match your personality.

You can only find a compatible life partner if you do not lie to yourself.

Below you will see a few typical questions. However, these depend on the dating site. They often involve a self-assessment in which you indicate the extent to which certain statements apply to you:

  • "I am an extrovert"
  • "I consider myself caring"
  • "I enjoy making spontaneous plans"
  • "I tend to get excited quickly"
  • "I stand up for the things that matter to me"
  • "I trust other people easily"
  • "I am eager to learn"
  • "I like social activities"
  • "..."

Have you finished the questionnaire? Then the finish line is within your reach!

Once you have completed the approximately 20-minute test, it's time to add some personal information to your profile.

Do not underestimate this step!

A profile completed with attention to detail stands out and attracts more interest.

You should therefore plan a few minutes for answering the questions and select about 4-6 recent photos of yourself. After that, you can dedicate yourself to the partner suggestions.

Usually, you will find the first suggestions for possible relationship partners directly after registration.

By the way, this is how you can recognise a legit or reputable online dating site: the profiles that come into question are determined directly and displayed transparently so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on a time-consuming search.

If you want to chat with other singles on popular and reputable NZ dating sites, you usually have to buy a premium membership first.

For most NZ singles, this pays off, because it allows them to find a match much more quickly.

Don't forget that this gives you the opportunity to find people from your area who are not only compatible with you, but also people who are also currently looking for a partner. Timing is also important here, which should not be underestimated in the search for a partner.

Our expert says
I recommend to have a look at be2. In all tests the results were very positive and also the user feedback was outstanding.

More success in online dating: Here's how it works

Your profile is complete and you've already done the personality test? Perfect. The foundation has been laid.

But beyond the basics, there are of course a few more tips that will help you on your way to your goal.

Although your photo, unlike on comparatively casual dating apps, does not have a prominent position on a serious dating site, appealing photos are still an advantage, especially if you are already at the top of the matching points with another person:

Advice for a good profile photo on a dating site:

  • Show your smile! Happy, laughing people can immediately score more sympathy points.
  • Prefer high-quality shots. You don't have to hire a photographer, but it is important that people can recognise you well in the picture.
  • Choose locations where you feel comfortable, for example in nature.
  • Show only yourself. Photos with several people are not advisable, as they only cause confusion.
  • Absolute no-go's: Do not take party photos, no mirror selfies, no photos with too much naked skin and definitely no selfies in general.

Apart from the photo, you should also answer the open questions in your profile to reveal more about yourself to your potential partners.

Take note!

  • Avoid standard answers such as "I love picnics near the sea".
  • Never use copy-paste answers that you have found on the web.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are spotless

Here's a good example:

"I'd like to show you the best Mongolian restaurant in the area, we'll chat over a delightful dinner and round off our meeting with a walk in the park."

Not particularly difficult, right?

Best of all... you're providing your profile visitor with a perfect conversation starter if they want to get in touch.

But how does the first message look on a dating site?

In the following we will go into detail on this topic.

Pay attention!

Take a close look at the profile of your counterpart and adjust your message accordingly. Have you discovered anything in common? It is always a good idea to start a conversation with a stranger about similarities.

Some examples of an icebreaker at the first message:

"95 out of 900 points. Now that's a match! I wonder if the algorithm is really that good? I think we need to exchange ideas... ;-)"

"You like to go for a jog in your spare time? Have you ever taken part in a marathon?"

"Is that Bondi Beach in your photo? I was there just a while ago too!"

Thinking of copy-and-paste pick-up lines from the internet? You should avoid these both on online  and in real life. Most of the time, such sayings are pretty corny and boring.

Please also note one thing: Especially with the first messages on an online dating site. In the beginning, messages only serve to draw the other person's attention to you.

If you wait with too much information, you may seem needy or uninteresting to your flirting partner when "everything" has been said.

What happens after the first message?

Assuming that the contacted person replies to you, it is time to get to know your flirting partner in detail and thus to advance the exchange. To what extent was the underlying algorithm correct?

You can find that out. But how?

A few questions that signal honest interest are enough to keep the conversation going. Often the conversation provides enough impulses for further questions.

And now we have reached the most important aspect!

You have registered with an online dating site because you intend to go on a real date.

Below we explain how you can best make the move from chat to date.

Getting to a first date quickly? This is how it works!

Just like when you first make contact, it's helpful for a first date to relate to a common ground that you can pursue together.

For example, if you both have a weakness for films, going to the cinema is ideal.

Before or after that, you can, for example, visit a restaurant or go for a drink.

Why does this approach make sense?

A date will come about almost by itself. Since you both have the same or similar interests. You will see that it does not seem pushy and almost results from your conversation. One of you just has to bring it up at some point.

The example with the cinema can also be applied to other situations.

Other possibilities would be, for example:

  • Do you love the theatre? Go out for a bite to eat and then to the theatre.
  • Do you like Thai food? Try out a new restaurant.
  • Do you like physical activity? Arrange to do some sports together.
  • Do you like to create something with your hands? Attend a creative workshop and share your experiences over a drink afterwards.

As you can see from the above examples: It's actually quite easy to go from a smooth conversation to a date.

What you should bear in mind on your first date

First things first: You have already overcome the biggest hurdle at this point. A man or woman has attracted your attention, you have exchanged ideas and even discovered common interests.

More good news...

... you can actually only win, because all signs point to success. Therefore, you may go on your first date relaxed.

What is the aim of a first date?

First and foremost, it's about checking whether the impression you had while chatting on the dating site is legit. Stay calm and don't put yourself under pressure. Just pay attention to whether you would be happy about another date. Nothing else.

Focus on positive aspects in the conversation. Problematic topics or ex-partners, for example, should not come up.

The first date is definitely the wrong time to talk about your everyday worries. First of all, concentrate on getting to know your counterpart even better.

Are dating sites really safe?

A date with a previously unknown person with whom you have only chatted online carries a certain potential of risk. Especially in the virtual world, it is easy to pretend to be someone else. Keyword scammers and fake profiles.

But don't worry!

Reputable and serious NZ dating sites that are aware of their responsibility attach great importance to security.

In what way?

Large, reputable dating sites, for example, check every new profile with the help of their service staff in order to be able to filter out fakes in time.

Furthermore, with the large and reputable dating sites, you have to pay a certain fee for a premium membership, which often has a deterrent effect on scammers.

With regard to fakes, you are usually exposed to a much higher risk on free dating sites than on paid sites.

Below we have summarised a few tips to help you have a safe online dating experience:

  • Only trust reputable dating sites
  • Do not share any personal information at the beginning (exact place of residence, surname etc.)
  • Be alert to contradictory statements made by the person you are talking to.
  • Never ignore your gut feeling! Because that is often right.

On your first date, there are also a few ways to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Only meet in public. Definitely not somewhere at home.
  • Inform friends and family about the time and place of your date.
  • To have support in case of emergency, it is advisable to save your best friend as a speed dial number.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, end the date early.

Our recommendations

A popular NZ dating site for everyone

  • A good number of contact suggestions
  • Search across borders function
  • A balanced gender ratio
  • A clear and easy interface design
  • Several different ways of initiating contact with users
Popular dating site for educated singles

  • High success rate: 41%
  • Easy to use: Focus on what's important
  • Balanced women/men ratio of 49% to 51%
  • No fake profiles were discovered during the test
  • Matching algorithms suggest suitable partners based on the psychological test
  • Profile photos can be unlocked individually
Dating site for singles over 50 with ambitions

  • Easy-to-use platform, straightforward
  • Photos can be unlocked individually
  • Wide range of options for profile design
  • Verified profile photos
  • App for Android and Apple users available
  • Fair prices
Intelligent and thoughtful matchmaking

  • The detailed personality test makes it highly likely you will be matched with someone similar
  • EliteSingles has within its site a range of good safety measures.
  • Relationship experts offer video tutorials and blogs offering advice as to how users can optimize their EliteSingles experience.
The app with the intelligent matching algorithm

  • The profile can be easily be set up within a few minutes
  • Extensive search functions with numerous parameters
  • The Zoosk app offers the same range of features as an online portal
  • Subscriptions and additional options can be cancelled quickly and hassle free