Arrange erotic adventures via app

Are you looking for an erotic adventure?

For several years we have been analyzing online dating websites in New Zealand. We tested and inspected numerous online dating portals including sex dating apps and rated them objectively. Looking at the most interesting developments of the last few years, you can quickly spot a hot trend: casual dating.

Casual dating is about sparkling dates without any commitments. Most users of casual dating portals are in a phase of life where they want to try themselves out in bed. Therefore, it is not about finding a partner for life, but a suitable partner for a casual adventure.

It usually goes straight to the point

Since casual dating is not about moving in together at some point or starting a family, most of these apps go straight to the point. Those who are really only looking for a short-term bedtime story are in good hands with a casual dating portal. Nowhere else can you meet people so casually who really only want casual sex.

How does Casual Dating actually work?

The principle is easy and similar to the usual dating sites. Register, create a profile and start flirting.
However, there are a few differences in the profile: Instead of talking about your own personality, the profile focuses on erotic preferences and desires. The matching is based on the erotic preferences.

The reasons behind the popularity of casual dating:

1) You can talk openly about all wishes from the get-go

2) There is no pressure or sense of responsibility for any user

3) The risk of disappointment is minimal

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Beware of rip-offs

There are plenty of different casual dating portals available in New Zealand, such as C-date, which promise the users a quick pleasure and a sex date. A few portals can keep their promises, many others are simply a waste of time. A close examination whether the selected portal is also a serious offer is therefore very important.

Our dating experts evaluate all portals according to the same criteria. Several factors flow into the overall evaluation. Especially important to us are the costs, the number of registered members, the level of freedom as a cost-free member and the opportunities as a premium user.

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